Love Always

Décor tip: The color of love is a great statement-piece for living room areas or single-color bedrooms. Use our Love Always bouquet as the pop of color that will make your spaces stand out!

For gifts: This is the ideal bouquet to show your love! For yourself, for friends, for your significant other; the most important part is to love always.


Abundant Joy

Decor tip: Fill your home with our curated color palette of abundance. When your spaces are colorful, so is your mind!

For Gifts: If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that creative special person, this is it! Having color around is exactly what you need for daily inspiration.


Sunset Palette

Décor tip: Use our Sunset Palette bouquet to give warmth to
your spaces. The orange hues have the power to transform
pretty much any environment into cozy nooks! 

For gifts: In need of a house warming gift? We got you! The
Sunset Palette bouquet will make any new space feel like home.


Cloud 9

Décor tip: Create beautiful contrasts with white flowers. Whether you have a rustic style or an elegant design, this timeless bouquet is the ultimate detail for home and event décor.

For gifts: The Cloud 9 bouquet is designed for your busy friend who treats their home like their personal sanctuary; white flowers can help create serene environments (and gorgeous settings!)


Sugar Rush

Décor tip: Millennial Pink had its moment but it taught us one important lesson: hot pink is the ultimate symbol of cheer and fun. Be playful with your spaces at home and add this bold color as a statement-piece in your bedroom or living room!

For gifts: We all know that person who loves all pink everything – treat them to our stunning hot pink bouquet and you’ll give them the biggest smile.


Brigther Days

Décor tip: The name says it all! Brighten up your spaces with a pop of sunshine-like yellow. Whether it’s in the living room, the dining room, or the bedroom, this bouquet is happiness allaround.

For gifts: Try to hold our Brighter Days bouquet without smiling, we dare you! The pure yellow is the detail you’re looking for when you’re trying to make someone’s day. Perfect for friends, family, or a significant other.


Elegant Calm

Décor tip: The lavender color is a versatile detail that can create calming, elegant environments at home. Use the Elegant Calm bouquet for a high-end look & feel.

For gifts: Lavender is a great color for people who are looking for serene environments at home. Stress-free spaces? Yes, please!


Pastel Dreams

Décor tip: We love a light pink color because it gives balance and harmony. Include our Pastel Dreams bouquet in your living room area or even your bathroom for a fresh aesthetic!

For gifts: Looking for a social media-worthy gift? This is it! The light pastel colors are perfect for someone who loves taking photos in the comfort of their home! Did you know that pastels are one of the biggest trends in interior design this year?